PHP Version deprecated?


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Could use some guidance here - Today I tried to install tt-rss (Tiny Tiny RSS) and it failed because it requires PHP 5.3.0 or later. I'm still running 5.2.17. After some googling, I'm finding 5.2.17 has been deprecated. That generated a host of questions for which I can't find an answer:

  1. I had assumed cPanel would update PHP and MySQL versions. Either that's not true or cPanel is still pushing out old PHP/MySQL versions?
  2. EasyApache upgrade looks straightforward in WHM. Any surprises if I just use the defaults in Short and Exhaustive Options Settings?
  3. Most of my sites are Drupal and Wordpress so I don't worry about PHP upgrades for them. But I do have an old PHP site that I'm monitoring for a friend. How would I determine if it would survive upgrade?
I'm certain I could ask KH to "upgrade me" and they would do it, but what am I setting myself up for?
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Let me see if I can't help to shed some light on your questions.

1) cPanel is capable of upgrading both, however it does not do so automatically since newer versions of PHP may not support older php functions. So if it performed automatic upgrades chances are many websites would get broken in the process.

2) EasyApache is very straight forward by nature, make sure you use the existing configuration option, and then simply increase the PHP version and add in any modules you may need.

3) You could use something like this tool to scan the code:

But for most people it's a matter of trial and error, upgrade php and check the code for errors, replace the depreciated functions and continue on.

Of course as always if you'd like us to perform the upgrade, just simply send us a ticket and we will take care of it for you.
I wouldn't learn anything by asking KH to perform the upgrade so I appreciate your response. And I'm going about this in baby steps. Upgrade to 5.3.22 today and 5.4.x at a later date.

As expected no difficulties with Drupal and Wordpress sites, and fortunately no difficulties with the one PHP site.

Thank you very much for your help!