PHP Update?


New Member
Hi, I noticed that KH still uses PHP 5.2.5 while many hosts have been at 5.2.11 or higher for quite a while. Is there any particular reason and can we expect an update at some point?

What kind of hosting do you have with us? In case of VPS/Hybrid/Dedicated you can easily open a ticket with our 24x7 support team to get your PHP updated. If you have shared/reseller hosting then for the sake of stability we don't change versions of Apache/PHP/MySQL often unless critical security issue is found.
I was wondering about this new update for PHP, myself. I have heard that it is only effecting 64 bit versions (or something like that) and not really a great concern to update. Is that true?
Not exactly. All physical servers are running with 64 bit OS however all VPSs are 32 bit. So if you have a VPS/Hybrid/Dedicated and you're affected by this issue in PHP and/or worried about it please feel free to submit a ticket to our 24x7 with a request to update PHP on your system.