PHP Program Failure


I recently purchased a simple little PHP Events Calendar program. The install program instructions are very minimal but instructs to up load a directory as well as a file.php. No suggestions as to permissions etc. It has an install handler. I create the MySql as needed and when I run the install handler, I get a warning msg i.e. that the installation failed. I contacted Support who suggested that the php needs to be updated to SuPHP. While I would like to install this little program, I do not want to do it at the expense of making a BIG Boo Boo and causing myself bunches of problems so I closed the support ticket and elected to leave well enough alone at that point. I would like to install this program if possible. I would like some real world advice as to whether having Support make the php change is something I should consider or should I simply let the sleeping dog alone and forgo the little Events Calendar? Thanks in advance for your response and advice.
Yeah suPHP or something like it (FastCGI) is necessary for many php apps. Wordpress can run without it but not conveniently.
Thanks much for the response and info. Wondering if there is any repercussions to upgrading to suPHP that I need to be aware of? Also is this something I can do in either cPanel or WHM or does it need to be done by support? I prefer the learning experience of doing it myself if possible.
Don't know because I asked support to do it :). I am on DirectAdmin, not cPanel though. A full root WHM typically has a drop-down to select the PHP handler, just type PHP into the search field in WHM. You can read about what may or may not be in the drop-down here:

If you have a big memory account (8GB) or few domains, some people say FastCGI is better.

When support installed suPHP, they advised me they'd be changing all file permissions. Which was fine. The stock PHP handler called DSO is the fastest but really what can you do with a PHP like that? Unless you're just using it for templating or something. My Wordpress users need to be able to upload files and run updates! I did notice on a site I saw somewhere than somebody had created empty upload directories for the next two years so they would have the right permissions! That's the kind of workaround DSO leads to. In that case, suPHP is safer.
Kitchin; Thanks for the detailed information. I am looking and trying to digest it all. I truly appreciate your taking the time to share this with me.
Hi WRMercier,

Here's a recent post in regards to SUphp that will give you a bit of information. There are several others that have been made too. The original poster in that thread is on Direct Admin and I've never seen the issues they had on cPanel but the information there on SUphp is still relevant :)

Hope that helps
Thanks Dan! The link you provided has given me a better understanding of the situation. This is not a high priority item so think I am going to think on it a bit more. Thanks so much for your info and assistance.
Hello WRMercier,
If you provide some screen shots of the installation process and the error I'd be happy to take a look at them. How far into the install does it fail?
Morning WRMercier,

Installing SUphp would not be a big boo boo. Matter of fact unless your server is highly loaded I sincerely doubt you would ever even notice the difference.

Just some more FYI :)
Thanks for the assistance offer. The very minimal installation instructions of the little Events Calendar I would like to install say to upload a *.php file as well as a single directory that contains the admin, config, css, img, js, and php directories. It also contains the install.php handler file. No hint of permissions stated. The instructions advise that I should access this install.php file and enter the MySql DB I created info which I do, then click the green button on the page bottom which I do. That is as far as I get and receive the attached screenshot results. In looking at the MySql DB I can not see where any tables have been created. I have been reluctant to ask for or make any changes to my current php as Dan suggested as I just do not want to adversely affect any of my other programs such as a guest book I have on another clients web site. On the other hand, if I can do so without creating a big problem I would very much like to install this little Events Calendar but not at the expense of creating a lot of problems for myself and ultimately KH Support. I very much appreciate yours, Dans and kitchins info and advice.
Maybe I'm not looking in the right place but I don't see any attached screenshots.

Aside from that, I don't think your PHP version is the issue. If you don't even see any tables being created sounds like your installer doesn't have access to your Database.

In cPanel when creating a database from scratch you need to do 3 steps....
1. Create a new database (Your database will be named with your account name then an underscore then the DB name i.e. phpaddict_mydb)
2. Add a New User (Again this is the same format as the database it'll have the account name, underscore, username i.e. phpaddict_user)
3. You must provide the user account with privileges to the database by using the "Add User to Database" option. Select the user, select the database, click add. You'll then be asked what privileges you want to provide. You'll likely need to just set "ALL PRIVILEGES" so your installer can do everything it needs to.

If you've done all this then maybe there is an issue with your PHP, but sounds odd that your installer seems to stop working at the database connection.
Not sure what happened to the Screenshot. I will try and send again with this post. Hopefully it will come through on this post but in case it does not, when I click the button on the Install Handler Page to Save and Create the DB Tables I get a popup stating:

"There was a problem creating the table. Check if it hasn't already been created". I can not get past this
and everything stops at this point. I check the DB and see nothing to indicate that anything has been created.

I am very familiar with creating a MySql DB in cPanel and have done a number of them so I feel this is not the issue. My creation of the current DB I am trying to access mirrors exactly your specs. Any additional thoughts or ideas? ? ?

Thanks again for your assistance.
I can tell you right off the bat that your "MySQL Username" is wrong there. There's no way it would just be admin
The top admin section is to log into the website once installed. The below MySQL section is for the username used to connect to that database (Just swop those two around).

Admin Username: Admin
Password: Password you set during software installation


MySQL Username: broadriv_user
MySQL Password: Password you set when you created the database user (Also ensure you add them to the database with all permissions)
MySQL Database: broadriv_emc
You beat me to the explanation. You are correct that the Admin area at the top has nothing to do with the MySql DB info and is for logging into the Administrative area of the program to facilitate edits. (Add/Remove Events as this is an Events Calendar program). Thanks for the clarification.

I have made sure to enter the data exactly as you noted as well as added to database with all permissions. Still getting the same popup
"There was a problem creating the table. Check if it hasn't already been created". (It has not) Any other observations or ideas?
Could it possibly be that I need to go in and set some permissions to the files? None was noted in the minimal instructions and I have not done any.
I don't think settings permissions on the files is the problem. Does the software provider have a website with further information?

Could you perhaps try creating another database, adding a database user with full permissions and trying again?
Unfortunately I have not been able to find a website or a support addy for the vendor. This little program was purchased off HotScripts and they list their own website for support which they have not responded to.

Per Neal's suggestion, I carefully created a new MySql DB utilizing the wizard and unfortunately got the same popup and results. Not sure what else to do?
Majority of these scripts will check for permissions issues before they will even run so, yeah, check your DB name/username/PW and make sure they're correct.

What's the name of the script?