PHP mbstring


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Can anyone give me a pointer to getting PHP mbstring working and enabled on my VPS?

I'm trying to install the latest Collabtive (an open source project management tool similar to Basecamp - I had an older version working fine, but the latest version requires php-mbstring to be enabled.

I've looked at the Advanced PHP Configuration Editor and turned on:

Multibyte String mbstring.detect_order OffOn
Multibyte String mbstring.encoding_translation

Using Google, there are search results for to use yum to install php-mbstring (a package I can't find on my VPS). I downloaded a RPM for CentOS but I get:

Setting up Install Process
Examining php-mbstring-5.1.6-24.el5_4.5.i386.rpm: php-mbstring-5.1.6-24.el5_4.5.i386
Nothing to do

Any hints? I don't have the knowledge to compile to PHP from scratch.


Hi there Paul,

You do need to recompile Apache and PHP. It's not all that difficult really assuming you're using cPanel that is. For other control panels I do not know.
In WHM go to Software | EasyApache and then load the last configuration. Stepping through be sure to check the most recent versions of Apache and PHP if they aren't already. After four or five dialogs there will be a button to load the exhaustive list. This will load a page with a lot of options, simply find MBstring and check it. At the bottom you can choose to save your configuration as a custom config (if you want) and build it.

Or you can shoot a ticket in to KH if you are still uncomfortable :)