PHP mail configuration?


Okay - dumb-cluck question: How do I set the mail configuration for PHP for a specific domain? Right now it's reporting back that TLS isn't supported (250-STARTTLS isn't being called) and apparently using the root domain mail sender ( rather the site domain sender (

I suspect some of these issues are related to the PHP script sending to port 25 instead of 26 or 465. (But how do I change this?)
Okay - did more homework - the root problem is that ATT has blocked email from my IP address to their users, ostensibly because of a SMTP Banner Mismatch and possibly other issues they can't be bothered to get around to telling me - I gather a big chunk of the world is b***ching at them over similar issues.

Now, I suspect there's nothing to be done about the SMTP Banner Mismatch issue so long as the domain in question is not the root domain on the VPS.
But getting the outgoing emails to use 250-STARTTLS and port 465 would be nice.
Okay - I guess this really was a dumb-cluck question - The MX testing services come with invalid information because KnownHost uses port 26 instead of 25. And of course you can't tell the testing service to look at port 26 when doing testing. But I'm still not sure the PHP script is sending outgoing emails using the proper port or how to set it if it isn't (or where to check that setting).
If you're emailing from a PHP application on the same KnownHost server that email is going out of you don't need to mess with TLS or ports at all, or even any mail settings at all. You can create a PHP page and have absolutely nothing more than...
mail("", "Subject", "Message");
...and it'll send the email out. If you want to modify who the email seemed to come from change the headers.

Are you trying to send emails from another server than where your PHP application resides?
Mail is being sent out from the PHP scripts in question. What happened was two-fold. ATT blocked my IP address for whatever reason AND while trying to figure out what might have triggered it, I ran an MX checker utility that returned a lot of 'warnings'. After pondering the 'warnings' I have come to the conclusion that the MX checker utility warnings are probably a non-issue.

I would like to know how to tell the PHP scripts to send mail out using TLS. (I know how to do it in Perl.)
Okay - after looking around and determining that the actual problem appears to be related to wanting to use an 'alternate mail server/port' and seeing how Perl handles the 'alternate mail server/port' issue (Perl uses Net::SMTP and Net:SMTPS to do it), I have come to the conclusion that PHPmailer is probably the PHP equivalent to Net::SMTP/Net::SMTPS. Now to get it installed...o_O

And yes, it took a while to sort out the actual issue as opposed to the issues reported back by diagnostic software that may not be reporting back problems that don't actually exist under actual use.