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Discussion in 'Linux VPS/Dedicated - cPanel' started by chaddro, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. chaddro

    chaddro New Member

    I tried to search for this, but was unsuccessful.

    Will all servers be upgrading to 5.3 or will we be given an option? If there is a sticky someplace on KnownHost, please post it.


  2. KH-Paul

    KH-Paul CTO Staff Member

    Hi Chaddro,

    PHP 5.3 is not yet directly supported by cPanel, please refer to this thread on their forums for more information:
    It will be possible to upgrade PHP through WHM >> Software >> EasyApache (Apache Update) once 5.3 support will be pushed into EA.
  3. Aussie_Boy

    Aussie_Boy Member

    Is it possible to run a php version 5.x for a specific domain account and all other accounts remain on 4.x on my hybrid?

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