Php 4 and 5


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Hello, I read the recent posts about php 5, and thanks by the way for the great information.

I have whm/cpanel with php 4.4.7 at the moment.

I was wondering if there is an easy way to install php5, but also keep php4, so the end user has the choice of using either? Then give them the paths to each for their scripts.

Also I read something about php6 recently. Anyone have any input on this?

Thanks for the link. I just opted to update to 5.2.2 instead of dealing with 2 versions. I just used whm to update it.

Now after installing my memory consumption has jumped a lot, is this normal? or is there something else I might need to check, optimize, etc.

I have the 256 mb pack with whm/cpanel, I was running about 45-48%, now it seems to have jumped to 60-65% range, with no users but myself online.