Personal Congrats for adopting Xenforo

Alex Vojacek

New Member
Hey guys.

I was a long time Knownhost VPS user up until i had my own dedicated. The server is amazing and I personally congratulate you for implementing xenforo since, no doubt, it's the best forum system right now (and we tried them all).

We did become like experts in xenforo as you can see so, please guys, go ahead and be free to ask my help if you need setup, it would be cool to implement facebook and twitter connect, it facilitates the registering process a lot, also you can implement cool new stuff.

There is no doubt you waited till the problems with xenforo were resolved, a lot of people were in that position since they had a class action lawsuit but that is now in the past and xenforo proved (at least on all the communities I saw) that it's a system people love to use, it's very easy, very intuitive and worth every possible penny.

Congrats once again, you have my help if you need it, just ask!

Alex Vojacek
Founder & CEO