Paying my bill ain't as easy as it should be

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by eJM, May 1, 2008.

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    I did send up a support ticket, but wanted to mention it here in case the powers that be don't see my ticket.

    How many people would know what this means:
    I just wanted to pay my bill with a credit card instead of PayPal this time, but when I clicked the link to change my credit card info, I got that bit of mysterious information. There was nothing else I could do.

    It really shouldn't be that difficult for an account holder to change information, especially payment type or numbers, etc. This is the first time I have ever run into anything like this. It stressed me because this has been a difficult month, payday was today and my bill is due tomorrow.

    Anyway, I'm sure billing will help me out, but no one should have to go through all that just to change payment methods. And if there was a phone number to call to pay that way, the number should have been available on the billing site (if it was, I didn't see it).

    Thanks. Other than that, I am very pleased with the hosting, service and support. Ever'one's been just swell. :D

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    I'm pretty sure KnownHost will be migrating to a new billing system fairly soon which should greatly enhance the billing side of things.
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    I'm not really sure what part of that sentence you're finding confusing. PayPal payment processing is rather different from credit card payment processing, and until you tell the system that you're going to be paying with a credit card it stands to reason that it would not allow you to change a number which had not previously existed.
  4. eJM

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    That's good to know. Jennifer walked me through the payment process. As I told her, the system couldn't have been less intuitive. The several areas I had previously clicked into to try to pay with a credit card, or change the information were unsuccessful and I saw no link to pay via any other method. Jennifer told me what to click and there it was. awww.grumpsplace.com_images_smilies_didnt_know.gif

    Well, you're #1 (which answers my original question). Congratulations.

    I had no idea what "CC Batch" was, nor how to accomplish it. I know there's a difference. :rolleyes: The problem is the system didn't make it easy to pay the way I wanted to pay (actually, it was easy, but it wasn't as apparent as it should be). The system is not intuitive. I'm very happy to hear the system will be changed.


  5. magic

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    contact [email protected] and ask them directly to help you out
    it is faster than waiting for them to eventually read this board
  6. eJM

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    I guess you missed a couple of the messages I posted in this thread:
    [Broken External Image]:
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    Glass houses.

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