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Would one of you please review ticket #229915. My Hybrid has been experiencing high loads and very poor response times all morning and Tech Support just keeps giving me the same answer that everything is ok and that I should disable DrWeb (it has been enabled for years without issue).

It is fairly apparent that English is not their first language and they are responding in fairly "templated" fashion.

I have been a KH customer for nearly 4 years but lately I've been having more server speed/response/load issues and Tech Support has been less effective (even after I requested that they escalate this ticket to Tier 2 (and even specifically Paul) several times). I hope this isn't the trend of the future.

Thanks for your help.
PPW Admin,

As per your request your ticket was escalated pretty much right away and we discussed the situation through the ticket. Could you please point me to the ticket where your escalation request was ignored?
I also can't really say that our team replied with "everything is ok" - our team invested quite few hours of manual labor into investigation and monitoring and number of changes were made in attempt to improve performance based on current conditions. To be honest I'm a bit confused with this thread especially after reading tickets and seeing how much work was done there...

Once the ticket was escalated Paul gave my server personal attention and followed up accordingly.

I believe the support team (Tier 1) looked into the issues, but sometimes I feel (from their responses) that they are hesitant to push things up the ladder if they aren't able to resolve it quickly.

In the end, my server is currently running well and the support team came through. I realize with any service there will be bumps in the road, I just hope that KH will strive to continue their long standing tradition of industry leading support, that is the main reason I have been with them for nearly 4 years.
PPW Admin,

Glad to know things are running better for you now. I'm still monitoring your system to see if there is anything else that needs to be done there.

Both your recent tickets were handled by Level3 support engineers with the exception of one reply which was sent by Level2. Entry level support technicians are not handling such tickets.

We try our best to provide exceptional service. If you (or anyone else) think that some ticket is(was) not handled correctly please feel free to ask for your ticket to be escalated to me so I can take a look and either correct or clarify the situation depending on what the issue is. Thank you for your continued loyalty and business.