PathTools, Cwd, File::Spec and missing MySQL databases in cPanel


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The following notification was received from cPanel:

A recent update of the Perl module PathTools which provides Cwd and the File::Spec module namespace introduces usage of Perl 5.10 functions. This change will result in an undefined symbol error similar to:

symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.8/i686-linux/auto/Cwd/ undefined symbol: strlcpy

More Information about this problem is available in CPAN's bug tracking system:

On cPanel systems this issue will be immediately evident in the cPanel user interface for MySQL, resulting in a failure to display any end user databases as well as preventing any modifications to MySQL configurations.

This issue has been addressed in the cPanel code base and systems running cPanel 11 will be automatically repaired. This issue can be manually repaired on cPanel 10 systems by running the following commands:

rm -f /home/.cpcpan/modules.versions
/scripts/perlinstaller --force Cwd

cPanel recommends updating any systems running versions of cPanel less than 11 to the latest available version.

PathTools 3.2501 is latest working version of the module. This version can be found on CPAN at the following URL:

The direct download URL for PathTools 3.2501 provided by cPanel is:


Please feel free to submit a support ticket if you're seeing any of the outlined problems and don't feel comfortable running two commands mentioned above.