Passive OS Fingerprinting. To install or not to install?


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A) Can you tell if this feature affects server performance?
B) Will installing it help technicians to avoid attack attempts (if they happen)?

I have been affected by lots of login attempts on my previous hosting provider (not a single one since a moved to KH, BTW) so I wonder if is worth the installation.

Resuming: Do I enable it?

A) Yes, but minimal, to the point you really shouldn't notice.
B) Yes, it provides more detailed information mainly the operating system.

I didn't bother enabling this feature as the firewall plugin and IP address of connections are all the information I need. However, they say it "reports the visitor's operating system and other information for email notifications" but I'm not sure what email notifications they're referring to. I don't think it's the emails from the firewall plugin since that's 3rd party, anyone else know what emails contain the PoF information?
Thanks phpAddict,

I got this reply from support team:
"Shouldn't overload the server, and the gain might be useful."
.. so I have applied it.