Partial connectivity problem on LA-CA?


New Member
I'm getting reports from visitors that they can not access my site or the site is extremely slow. Seems like the problem exists for visitors from Belgium only (from other countries the site is very fast). The problem started after I moved from SJ-CA datacenter.

Can anyone confirm it?

We haven't had any network issues in LA today. The problem your visitors are reporting could be anything and everything starting from local problems to problems with connectivity in specific country / specific ISP. In such cases user's IP (can be seen at ) and traceroute output would be helpful
Today everyone can access my site. Seems like it fixed itself.

For future information, I understand it is possible for someone to be able to access one IP range (datacenter) while not being able to access other IP range even located near it (like another datacenter in the same state) due to some problems with their local ISP?