paid job - make my 4 domains point to the right place


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Have newly configured WHM on KH SSD VPS after having been with them for a couple of years on other hardware...

I've also moved my four domains to a new registrar...

I have a total four IP addresses on my VPS,

I four domains that have need to get to where they're supposed to based on the following...

Domains I have and what I'm trying to achieve:

1 -
- foundation of a new multi-store enabled opencart install
- map to dedicated IP, (which is why I bought two extra from KH this morning)

2 -
- will be pointed to a sub.domain of 1 above (
- and will be covered under multi-domain SSL

3 -
- map to shared hosting as created within WHM,
- I want to keep IP separate to 1 & 2 in shared hosting environment.
- as won't be covered by SSL cert

4 -
- same as 3, kept separate from 1 & 2 in shared hosting environment.
- as won't be covered by SSL cert

I've been more than twelve hours trying to get this sorted with support, it's just going round and round and round and round and round in circles back and forth and giving me a blinding headache and I'm getting nowhere... I'm just over it and I don't really understand it well enough to resolve it by myself...

Please Pm me if interested to assist, will have to do by pm all emails accounts now down,

Will happily pay by Paypal to get this done, I've got a mountain of other stuff to get on with.



Please let me know what your ticket number is with us and I will check into this. DNS changes can indeed take time for everything to properly push out and some DNS servers will cache more than others. We should have no issues getting this setup for you as long as everything is split into individual accounts.

I've isolated the ticket and reviewed over it. It seems the majority of the confusion is in regards to Name Server selection and the IP's you'd like to use for those. I've replied to your ticket and will move it to our escalated queue but we will certainly get you taken care of, no need to hire out support, we just want to ensure that everything is getting setup how you'd like it and all records are matching.
Looks like a couple of your sites are still down. Do you need help still?

Thanks for asking... And to others who replied...

KH & Daniel have indeed rescued me from my own inexperience with network setup and inability to accurately articulate what I needed.

The matter is now resolved and the outcome is yet another reason that further confirms why I'll always remain a KnownHost customer...

Now... Can anyone help me fix a laptop that "fell" twenty stories into a swimming pool. o_O