Outlook 2007 cPanel Compatibility


Hello All,

Is Outlook 2007 compatible with the latest cPanel version?

It seems that folks with Outlook 2007 can receive emails but not send (SSL or TLS).

Is there a work around?

Thank you.
I have 2007 still on dozens of systems. It's 100% compatible, SMTP hasn't changed. Make sure you have the option in account settings, more settings, "My outgoing server requires authentication". This prevents your server from being an open relay.
I do want to note that newer cPanel builds are being provisioned with TLS 1.2 enabled and TLS 1.0 and 1.1 disabled!

This can cause older Outlook Clients to not respond properly and/or connect properly to cPanel servers due to Outlook 2007, 2011, 2013 relying on TLS 1.0 still.

Outlook 2016 has TLS 1.2 built-in but requires manual enabling as it defaults to TLS 1.0.

Why Microsoft has done this is because Microsoft Exchange Servers still use TLS 1.0 by default (professional and on-location services).

Just a heads up if you try to configure and it doesn't work.

cPanel ciphers for exim/dovecot will need to be adjusted.
Hello phpAddict / Jonathan,

Yep you are correct. I just set an account up on outlook 2007 and seems like mine works ok. My vps must have been corrected.

I referred someone to KH and the person bought a VPS and now cannot use outlook 2007. Contacted KH support and after a while told him sorry but he would have to get the new outlook :(. The new client's VPS account may still not have been adjusted on the TLS versions.

@KH-JonathanKW Good to know, thanks. The "None" option for the encryption setting will always work until cPanel forces the use of TLS. As long as they don't require HIPAA compliance and packet sniffers aren't a concern then that option is always an option.