Outgoing Email Limits?


New Member
I currently have a reseller account with another hosting company. One of the hosted domains on my reseller account has 13 or 14 small (at most 150 subscribers at this time) per list that I run for a professional association that I belong to. These are opt-in onlyl mailing lists, run using the mailman software that is included with the cPanel setup that I have.

I recently found out that my hosting company has a limit on outgoing emails of 200 per hour for the type of account I have. I can have unlimited mailing lists but I can only send 200 emails out per hour. I understand the rationale behind the limits, but if I have one mailing list with 200 members then all it takes to hit my limit is 1 email sent to the list that goes out to the 200 subscribers, and then I'm locked out for another hour.

This professional group loves these mailing lists, and uses them for occasional discussion on various topics. There is NO spam, and all subscribers are invited (opt-in) as opposed to having to opt out.

I was wondering what kind of limits that knownhost.com has on outgoing email for the various levels of reseller accounts and VPS accounts?


J.R. Constance
I would advice to take a look at VPS products where ability to use mailing lists is not limited. We also do not limit amount of emails that can be sent from inside the VPS.
As for shared / reseller accounts - mailing lists are disabled by default there and can be enabled only in case if you'll host opt-in / opt-out mailing lists.