OS and Panel versions



I am fairly new to the VPS world (less than 6 months). I'm currently running a VPS with another provider and like the flexibility but am not fully satisfied with the services and support. Consequently I'm shopping around.

A few pre sales questions to the KH team.

- What version of the OS does the package come with?
- What version of Plesk panel does the package come with?
- Is the Plesk panel an unlimited domains license?
- Does any additional add on's come with the Plesk panel?
- How often does KH do Plesk updates? And is this part of the Management?
- I am using Plesk. How can I find out what I currently have in terms of the actual Plesk panel software?
- if the KH Plesk software is a different version, would KH still be able to help me migrate the domains/sites?

Lastly, since the primary domain of my VPS (the domain that goes with the VPS) is in use. Do you recommend registering an additional domain to set up the VPS at KH for a more smooth/orderly transition? Thoughts welcome.

Thank you for your help and consideration.