McDonald's Drywall Expert
Hmm so I was thinking, I want to fiddle around on other distributions of linux, not just CentOS. I have seen many hosts that offer OpenVZ VPS hosting with a small control panel like HyperVM to control the VPS, which includes the ability to re-image the VPS with any OS from a list of OS templates in the control panel. This is really neat because you can use many other distributions like SuSE, debian, ubuntu, slackware, fedora, gentoo, etc. without pestering your host or making too much trouble of a reinstall. These would be more cost-efficient as virtually no licensing costs would be required (except for HyperVM which is significantly cheaper than Virtuozzo costs). Knownhost could decide whether or not to provide semi-managed for this, as I could understand providing such support for so many distributions could get very complicated. So, this service could even possibly be an unmanaged service from knownhost.

This is just an idea so if it gets shot down by anyone (I'm sure it will) I don't really care ;)

I have just noticed several hosts providing an unmanaged VPS solution on OpenVZ and the reason people like it is because it is cheaper for the experienced linux users who do not need support and also allows on the fly OS changes, an awesome feature.