Open relay help!


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I've just checked my mail server running on my VPS and it appears to be acting as an open relay.

I don't want to end up getting on a spam list somewhere, so how do I stop this?

It appears to check that the senders address is valid, but as long as it is it will let any domain send to any other domain and that's not good!

Please PM me your VPS IP address, I'll check it out.

This shouldn't happen unless configuration was broken somehow. My guess is that you're testing mail relaying form IP address which was used to collect mail through POP3/IMAP within last 20 minutes.

Hi, yes that was the case. It dawned on me earlier that authentication may be remembered for so long and it appears that's the case.

I got a mate to test it from his side and the SMTP server rejected all his emails and passed a spam test too, so panic over :D