OpCache Impacts of Switching from DSO to LiteSpeed PHP Handler


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Hi there,

We had recently switched from DSO to the mod_lsapi handler on our dedicated sesrver, per the techs recommendation, and it seems to have a significant impact on how the OpCache functions.

For reference, we've been primarily using this control panel (https://gist.github.com/ck-on/4959032/?ocp.php), but I've tested multiple others and have also used php's native functions for interacting, such as opcache_get_status()

We run several different websites under several different cPanel user accounts.

A single control panel, accessed via a custom subdomain, could get information about the server's entire OpCache (spanning all user accounts), and could reset the entire PpCache with a single click.

On mod_lsapi:
Now, each control panel can only view cache information for its specific cpanel user account. Putting copies of the control panel script (such as ocp.php above) into each of the user accounts lets you view cache data only for that user account.

I've confirmed that opcache.restrict_api is not On (so the api is not restricted).

Overall, I'm a bit confused. Does this represent a very real change in how memory is allocated? For example, on DSO, I'd configured OpCache to use 192M memory so it had room for all files across all user accounts. Under mod_lsapi, does the memory set in opcache.memory_consumption change from being server-wide to only being per user account?

Is it possible to have things function like before, with a single control panel able to view/reset the entire server's OpCache?