One Month Evaluation


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First let me say that my use of a VPS is not for competing with hosting companies. I am a designer, both web and graphic and the VPS is more or less a bonus for my customers. I do sell hosting but only if someone asks for it. I have found it to be more of a headache than I'm willing to put up with. My biggest areas of need are performance,reliability,support and of course cost.

Performance & Reliability-Overall, I'd give Knownhost an A+. I've gotten many "wow, my site is loading fast!" remarks and that's always a good sign. I did have some memory limit problems but they were due to a very busy forum that was willing to pay extra so I upgraded and it solved the problem.

My old VPS had slowed to a near crawl and I had customers leaving and that's not good. I've gained customers this month and all seem to be very happy. I have had NO downtime.

Support-Absolutely wonderful! I cannot think of any bad experience with them and it's most definitely a deciding factor in me staying here. I plead for you to never change the attitude your employees display. My old VPS provider was like you are now once upon a time and as they grew, their support became a bunch of smart-mouthed kids speaking to me as if I were stupid. I'm over 40 years old, show some respect sheesh! They read from manuals and that has to be the most irritating thing I can think of. The difference here shows. Support is friendly and helpful, even providing more than what is demanded of them. You've got a good thing here and I really hope you keep it. Please don't let your success turn you into another rent-a-tech provider.

Price-What can I say? It's the best deal around. Compare uptimes and support with other places and you'll see, it's money well spent whatever side of the business you are in.

It's been a good month and a lot of burden lifted off of me. Even with your top package, I'm still paying less than I was and I'm one totally satisfied customer.