One month after migrating to DirectAdmin

Terry Frazier

New Member
I've been using a KH VPS for a full five years now. Can't believe it's been that long. I'm not a strong SysAdmin/CLI user and, typically, need help with stuff that more knowledgeable admins do with ease. Some people would probably say I don't have any business running a VPS, but KH support has pretty much always been able to help me out. I have always used cPanel, but a month ago I migrated to DA to save the $6/mo or whatever. I also figured it would be lighter on resources, which is always good.

I read the comparison docs beforehand, but really wasn't prepared for the switch. Like any wholesale change in UI, I didn't know what I didn't know. For me, the biggest changes have been in three areas:
- Switching from cPanel Accounts to DA Reseller/User management
- Adapting to DA File Manager
- Adapting to Let's Encrypt SSL

The first two are really learning curve issues. After 15-20 years of cPanel, I was suddenly on the steep end of the learning curve again. But I'll get past it. The Let's Encrypt thing is a little more problematic. cPanel AutoSSL seemed much smoother and more robust. After the migration there needed to be changes in directadmin.conf, something about Mail SNI needed to be enabled. I didn't know about either of those things, but support took care of them.

I'm still struggling a bit with getting proper certificates everywhere I need them - still getting bad certificate errors on subdomains and such. I want to prevent any unencrypted connections on any domain at any time and I haven't quite figured out how to do this. It's probably another learning curve issue that I'll resolve eventually, but it has been a bit of a nuisance.

Even with some of my struggles I think I would make the switch again. I would just try to be more prepared.
Thanks for the update. We’re trying our best to make the switch as smooth as possible and are changing our procedure daily.

Remember if you have any questions or need help, we’re here for you.