Offer ended? Want to order right now?


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I wanted to order the VPS Mtx package today i would have ordered earlier but i didnt get my paycheck yet, I just got it today and deposited it and i am ready to buy the package, I entered all my details on Modernbill order form, But it told me the coupon expired. It stated on webhostingtalk that this offer will expire 3/31/07, Its only the 26th today?
I really want to use that coupon, But It would be very nice if you guys would issue or PM me a new coupon temporarly. I really want to choose knownhost and wish to stay with you guys forever. But really want to get that lifetime discount and the 50% off for the first 2months.

Andrew Stokes.

Yes, the coupon KHoneyear expired about a week ago. Since we talked with you before though we can extend KHoneyear. We are only doing this as we talked before it expired. Hope this helps.

I am ordering right now, Thank you very much Joel.

Also, I want to know if i can upgrade to a upgraded vps in the future with no downtime.
Your PayPal payment has been received.

If you are a new client - you will receive your welcome email as soon as we process your order

The paypal i paid with is stokesandrew [at]

email used for modernbill is serverwiz [at]

We didn't get a payment from you. A pending "echeck" is not a formal payment. This means your paypal is awaiting your funds to clear from either your bank or credit card. We need the actual payment to clear for you to get logins, etc. We will keep the order pending until COB tomorrow so if you have a credit card you may want to use it as paypal can take 3-5 business days.

As soon as my e-check clears you guys will set up my vps with cPanel/WHM and send me a welcome email correct?
Just so the funds are here by COB Friday we will honor it. We get an email once we get the funds and will build the VPS after that.

I would have paid by credit card But I had to sign up for a new banking account because i had a issue with Wells Fargo, I am getting my debit card tomorrow if i do get it tomorrow would you cancel the echeck payment and then i can paid directly with my debit card via modernbill.
We can't cancel the echeck but we can apply it to your second month of service. If you can use your credit card I would recommend it to speed things up.

Um, Joel, I am paying right now by paypal funds i have will you guys add the echeck to the 2nd month and that means i paid for the 2nd month and then the 3rd month i pay $27 per month correct?
Hello Andrew Stokes,

Your invoice in the amount of $13.50 has been processed and approved

How long will it be until i recieve my welcome email with my vps with cPanel/WHM installed?