novice needs help with phpbb


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Known host c/support has just moved my existing forum(which was set up by someone clever:D) and they did a great job. but i need some help to learn this stuff myself. i need to take the title page from the old server and put it onto the new server. i have ftp software but am wary of doing damage.

please help if you can, but please keep it simple. im just learning this stuff:eek::eek:
I've got phpBB experience. What do you mean by 'Title Page'? Are you refering to your templates/styles?
If you want to put your forums on another server you will need to copy all the files on your current server to your new one. Disable your forum from the config admin page then export your database using phpbbmyadmin. Import it on your new host the same way and re-enable your forums just on the new host (may as well keep the old one disabled).