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  1. I'm currently on a dedicated box but can't afford the bills and am not using nearly the amount of resources as I used to. Therefore, I'm downgrading to a VPS but am not sure which package my sites would require. If I start at the lowest VPS and it doesn't suit my needs, would you be able to switch the package I am on and charge the difference - without having to wait until the end of the billing cycle or causing much downtime?

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    Yes, we can easily upgrade you from VPS to VPS with no downtime at all. So if you want to start small then upgrade you definitely can. Please note if your using cPanel or Plesk we'd recommend our VS2 or larger due to RAM usage. Any questions let us know.

  3. 1) Just to confirm and be clear that there are no confusions or misunderstandings... The package can be changed in the middle of a billing cycle and the cost difference would be added and pro-rated accordingly, correct?

    2) What exactly is meant when you guys say "managed", what types of service requests will you do and which ones are up to the client to perform?

    Thanks again
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    1. Yes, you can upgrade anytime during a billing cycle. You just pay a prorated invoice at that time for the difference in the old package and new package. We also sell resources a la carte so they can be added accordingly.

    2. We list our Managed service here. Generally speaking we will support anything control panel related and VPS related. We can install 3rd party applications as well but we don't provide direct support for them. If there is something specific your wondering about just let us know. As many will attest for we are here 24/7 to help our clients. You will be in good hands.

  5. Thanks for the prompt responses...

    I am currently using a dedicated server running Cent OS with cPanel/WHM and I know something isn't configured properly because I often have to restart the DNS and Apache services. I've been trying to learn more about *nix but simply don't have the time or the resources to dive in. Therefore, I'm just wanting to make sure that when I choose a VPS that the support team will assist me in making sure things are configured for optimum stability and security.

    Thanks again!
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    Yes, we will definitely assist with this. Hope to see you signup.


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