Not happy with support answer on simple software install query


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on ticket # 235865, I asked for the following:
Please install the following as per the instructions:

1. netcat - nc

2. APC - and
remove Zend (incompatible w APC), and eAccelarator if present

3. Memcached -
please make sure this is installed as a service/daemon. We should be able to control it through the /etc/init.d/ command. Also, please configure it so it automatically starts at server reboot.

4. Once the above are installed please also installed the following PECL packages:
PECL Memcache (version 3.0.6 beta) -
PECL UploadProgress (version 1.0.3) -

5. PHP extension fileinfo -

6. Drush (version 4) -

7. mod_deflate
I got this response:

Please note that the information about our support coverage can be found at and when it comes to 3rd party applications we can usually help with the installation process as long as installation instructions are provided.

Please open separate 2 tickets for netcat and Drush with the necessary steps of installation.

I shall install the rest as they we will have to execute an easyapache in the server.
I will keep you updated about the status.

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This is not the first time I have asked for this install help. However, this is the first time I have received a reply like this where I am asked to raise multiple ticket with all the steps to install (despiite a URL link for it). Whats the point of a managed VPS service anyway then? Might as well move to a managed cloud environment for Drupal, if this is the kind of respose 6+ years of loyalty and bringing clients to KH means... sigh.

Extremely disappointed!

This reply is not correct and will be fixed internally. Sorry about that.