Not found!!!


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I have this:


You can ping it, but can access via http

I don't know why, i have just restart my VPS

can you tell my how?

Thank you!
can ping but CAN'T access via http <~ not found!

Check <~ please tell me why, thank you!

Without seeing your entire configuration I could not say. Submit a ticket with KH support and they should be able to help you out. Webmin is not a full featured control panel so there might be a lot of manual configuration via shell or otherwise that you would have to do.
Not sure but I think you are looking for some tutorial for setting up apache no ? replied to your pm, I'm on MSN if you need help because on a VPS thats not like a normal shared hosting, you have all configurations to manage yourself, so I'd suggest you to read the online docs at and each other apps you want to setup.