No "Maintenance" in Power Panel?


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I'm not currently a customer of knownhost but I used to be. Late last week a client of mine asked me to help configure his VPS he has here with knownhost. They recently installed Directadmin for him (and just like every other client I've dealt with they installed the "Not Recommended" software of Directadmin), rebuilding it with custom build isn't working so I suggested reloading the OS to a clean install of CentOS.

Here's the problem, I logged into Parallels Power Panel in order to reinstall the Operating system and then install directadmin myself. But there's no Maintenance link anywhere even with the container shut down. Where did it go, and why was it removed?
Here is the official answer I just received from Support. Shame, since it was nice to be able to restore your own backups and such without having to put in a support ticket. In fact, I have to say I don't like the new method at all. :mad:

We have switched to a new backup scheme that allows to reduce load on production systems during the backup creation time. The only other visible change related to the new VPS backup management scheme is that VPS backups won't be listed on the Maintenance page in the account's Power Panel and, as such, won't be available for self-restoration.

We create VPS backup every other night and keep them on a specialized backup server. VPS backups contains whole VPS filesystem including all installed applications, site files, emails, mysql databases and anything and everything else you have stored on the VPS filesystem. However, these Virtuozzo backups cannot be used to restore single account, file, database etc. It can be used to restore the entire VPS only. Restoring the VPS with any of the old backups will change the status of the VPS to the state when the backup was generated. Thus all the data will be the same as when the backup was generated. All the data updated later (after the backup was generated) will be lost once your VPS is restored with the VPS backup. You would like to restore the VPS, you can request us the same.

If you still have any issues, please let us know.

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