No experience - hand holding required



I am considering purchasing one of the Managed VPS options and would appreciate your answers and advice. I would be running a personal Wordpress blog - nothing high traffic or intensive at this time I don't think. I could probably get by with a shared hosting plan but I like the flexibility and security that comes from a Managed VPS. Also, I like the idea that if my traffic grows I can expand the services I have purchased and be able to adjust to new demands. Likewise, I like knowing that my resources are guaranteed and I am not at the mercy of whatever random server I might be placed on through shared hosting.

With that said, I know next to nothing about web servers and Linux. I would not know where to begin to even describe my lack of knowledge. So, would the Managed VPS be able to walk me through the process of setting everything up? *How much "hand holding" can I really expect to receive? *I can use Wordpress to manage the blog and maybe muddle my way through Cpanel but not much else. *For example, I'm not sure how to even login to the VPS to use Cpanel or install Wordpress. Is it done through a web browser? A terminal client? A request ticket? You tell me. *This is not to say I am ignorant of technology and software *Over time I will probably become very proficient but initially I will need a good amount of help. *

Likewise, will the Managed VPS take care of all of the backend services, (backups, upgrades, patches, firewalls, DDoS protection, etc - I'm sure there is plenty more that I am not even aware of)? Like I said earlier, I wouldn't even know how to begin to take care of these items much less have time to do it consistently.

I have read many great reviews about Knownhost and the fantastic support that you offer. *I just wonder how much knowledge you expect your customers to have regarding the technology and how much assistance I should expect as I try to get started.

(This post was also sent as an email to sales - just tying to reach as many people as possible for a response.)
Hi LLymta,

As I can see your sales ticket #279885 was handled last night and was replied to within 13 minutes. If you have any further pre-sales questions please feel free to update your ticket.


Thank you for the response. The ticket reply was sent to my email junk folder so I did not receive it initially. Your response led me to go look for it. I apologize for the confusion on my part.


No problem. Please let our Sales team know if you have any additional questions.

Like you, I came from a Shared hosting and was very apprehensive about undertaking the change. My fears were totally unfounded. KH made the transition super simple and the support dept was quick to assist when I ran into a stumbling block. After many troubles with many Shared hosting plans, I wanted a stable and secure place to host my customer accounts. KH has been my savior for now over a year and I am so very pleased with their service and support. There are occasional hiccups but KH is fast to keep customers informed and quicker to rectify any problems that may arise. KH is a class act that is customer oriented. You’re going to be happy with your decision to make KH your new hosting home.