No email notification from the forum


Can someone please reply to this? I'm trying to see if this forum is sending email notifications.

I had set another thread to send me an email notification when someone responded to it but I never received it.

Here ya go, email.

I'll have a poke over our forum's email server just to double check things are working properly but I've been receiving all notification emails from it.
Looks like Microsoft's ever over-zealous IP blocking managed to peg the forum's email server for some reason. This should be fixed right up in a few hours.

Since you're using for mail this is why you didn't get the emails - they bounced. Nothing else is listed so everything except Microsoft mail has been working fine.
Alright... since I never received an email for the first reply can someone reply to this one for me? Thanks again.

And thanks @KH-Jonathan for looking into this for me.
Thanks for pointing this out :) If you ever notice it again let me know. Microsoft likes to blacklist everything for no reason.