Newbie on the Block


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Hi everyone at KnownHost,

Want to take this time and say I am a new guy :eek: on the block with KnownHost, just ordered my VPS this morning and awaiting my info.

I have been reselling now for 6 years and think it is time to move up from the Shared servers to a VPS, kinda stretching the net income, but have heard good things about KnownHost from another new client. Plus this morning I ordered and didn't see something and immediately sent a ticket, well within I think 5 minutes and no later my question had been replied too. MUCH faster then my soon to be old host. Hope the support is like that all the time. And God knows I hope they have 3 things, coffee, smokes(if they do such) and patience, lol.

With me being new to the site and the world of VPS's I hope I don't get to be a pain with asking questions as this will all be new to me, lol. So please forgive me for my ignorance on the VPS Side of things in advance.

I will be browsing the forums to get ideas and info I may need before I get my account details and get started, but is there anything anyone can recommend to me for some instructions and guidelines (your probably thinking "ohh God, Look Out"), lol before getting started? Well hopefully it won't be as painful as I think.

Well enough of my introduction, just wanted to stop in and say hi and ask everyone for their forgiveness now WELL in advance.


Out of curiosity, what plan and control panel did you go with?

I'm an extremely happy VPS Ltx with Direct Admin customer.
Thanks for the welcome.

I went with the XLca w/cPanel. I don't know anything about the Direct Admin nor did I want to confuse my current customers (which will be switched hopefully soon) as they are used to cPanel as well.

Again thanks for the welcome :)
Welcome to Knownhost. You will be satisfied. Support generally does answer very fast. Even sales has answered my tickets to them outside their "normal business hours".