Newbie here with DNS nameserver questions


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Hi there, I've just gotten my site transferred (free migration service), and have just updated my nameservers.

The problem is that I'm clueless about all these and I'm basically just taking stabs in the dark, hoping that I'm getting things right :/

Well my question is, how do I know if DNS has propagated?? I don't see any changes to my site, I've checked and other DNS checking sites to see there are any changes, but nothing seems to be different? I'm not experiencing downtime, which is good, but not expected.

Is there any other way to see to check?

Oh and my website is at

I'm not even sure if I updated the nameserver/ A records right. =(
I just had a peek at the intodns page on your domain and all looks well. Both your nameservers and A record are pointed at KH IPs so you should be set :)
Hey guys thank you so much for your replies! Glad to have joined, support has been amazing so far ;)

I had so many noob questions but they were understanding and patient towards me :)
Hi Saepul,

I'm a bit confused by your saying that you also gained cannot add domain. Do you mean that you could not set up an account in WHM for it? I can see that the domain was just registered yesterday and the nameservers look ok. I'd say try adding the domain in WHM again now that's it's been a little while and see if you can add it.

Dig and Intodns both look like that might be the issue as nothing what so ever comes up.

PS: Welcome to KH! :D
Hi Saepul Anwar,
Welcome to KH
do you mean you can not use addon domain function?
I check intodns and it says :
Reverse MX A records (PTR)ERROR: No reverse DNS (PTR) entries.
The problem MX records are: -> no reverse (PTR) detected

btw I love Virtarich theme :)