newB questions about name servers


I have a shared hosting plan with another provider that is paid until August. Last month I signed up for a VPS at KnownHost. Yesterday I moved the last of my sites and applications to the VPS.

Since that other account is paid for I'm letting them act as my registrar for the time being. I've edited the DNS records there to my IP address here at KnownHost. It all works just fine.

The email I received when I signed up for the KnownHost VPS stated the following:
"You need to create the following name servers at your registrar:

I think those instructions only make sense if I'm using a registrar that doesn't provide the name server. Since I'm using the name servers at my old host I think I'm done.

Do I have that right?
Hi MiCarl,

I'm a bit confused, perhaps you can clarify something for me. You edited the DNS records for all of your domains on your old host? As in going into WHM and editing a DNS Zone? Or did you edit the nameserver entries at your registrar and change the IP numbers there?
if you're planning to use the old host as registrar until august, what will you do after that time? you will have to move all domains to another registrar if you don't want to keep them with the old host after that time, in which case probably better to sort it out now and be done with it long before it all becomes a race.
Dan - sorry I wasn't clear. I used the cPanel DNS Zone editor at the old host. If you were to do a whois on my domain you'd see the name servers at the old hosting provider.

adev - I had planned to move to a new registrar well before August. I just found out yesterday that they will register domains where they don't have the host, so I need to think about that. I think their rate of $7.95/year for my domains is pretty competitive. On the other hand, I've had a couple instances of long latency connecting to my sites on KnownHost that I suspect is caused by the DNS being on the same overworked server I've left.
sounds pretty good. As long as it's not 1and1. Or bluehost. Just be sure that is the renewal rate because often renewal is quite a bit more than the advertised prices for new registrations.
On the other hand, I've had a couple instances of long latency connecting to my sites

This is because you've cascaded your nameservers causing another hop before resolution. Made even worse by the fact that one of those hops is to an overloaded server.

At the least I would recommend adding the new nameservers at your registrar then adding the new ones to your DNS zones. Ideally I'd say to simply switch DNS over also.

With some registrars they will give you an additional year of registration when you transfer however I would not let that be your deciding factor. A slow registration server also means slow resolution for your sites. As you've already seen cheap does not equal good :)
Thanks Dan, I never thought about switching the name servers there. I signed into my billing account and see that I can indeed change the name servers. Something to do tomorrow.