New VPS Setup


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I bought the smallest VPS package and added LiteSpeed Webserver Enterprise even though I am not certain what that does. I have a lot of client sites in reseller hosting accounts and was advised to go with a VPS for faster speeds. Are there many other things I should be doing to optmize the server for running wordpress sites and if so what should I google to locate that information?

I cloned a couple of sites to the new server and so far I am not seeing any significant speed increases over my reseller hosting account so perhaps there are other things I should be doing?

Any tips much appreciated :)
VPSs don't necessarily deliver faster speeds over our shared/resller hosting because our shared/reseller hosting is setup so well. What VPS does give you is greater flexibility/control of the system and the ability scale much farther than reseller hosting. Think more lanes on the highway, not a faster speed limit.

Our shared/resellers servers run SSDs and Litespeed as well so going to an SSD VPS with Litespeed will yield similar speeds.