New VPS requires new IP?


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I have the answer and its a yes on new IP

I have a really old vps and it needs to be upgraded to a new vps + server.

Whats required are new IP and migration. I simply can't keep my IP which I think is a big hassle. (stupid if you ask me)...

Just venting...
Howdy @KHUser I do apologize that you're frustrated by this. I know changing IP's can be a hassle however I do promise that we do this for your benefit. This allows both your old VPS and new VPS to be operated side-by-side during the migration. So it gives an opportunity to detect any compatibility issues before making that new VPS live.

Now with that being said, if you don't have any data on your existing VPS that you need to save, then we can wipe your existing VPS completely and provision it with the latest image, but all data within the VPS is gone during this process.