New VPS Options - CPU Priority?


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Good evening!

I've been taking a look at the new VPS packages and noticed that you list CPU priority as part of the packages, with the VPS-3 package having 2x Priority and VPS-4 having 4x Priority.

I could be wrong, but I don't recall seeing that before you upgraded the packages on Christmas. But this leads me to the following questions:

1. Did the original packages have CPU priorities like the new packages do?

2. Just to confirm, could you please explain what it means to have 4x priority versus 2x priority? I imagine this doesn't affect the amount of the CPU the VPS can take up, but instead what kind of preferential treatment the VPS gets when making a request to the processor.

3. Would it make sense to upgrade from a VPS-3 to VPS-4 to gain better performance on the server?

4. If one was to upgrade, would a lifetime discount carry over to the new package and pricing?

Thank you!
Thanks for your interest in KnownHost :)

1. No they did not.

2. In the event of 100% CPU utilization on the host node, it is the guaranteed amount of CPU your VPS will get. It only has effect during times of full CPU utilzation.

3. It depends on the exact scenario, but often times this will help.

4. Yes, lifetime discounts always carry over unless downgrading to VPS-1.