New VPS a Couple Questions


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I'm totally new to the whole vps thing. I've used whm in the past as a reseller, but obviously without all the bells and whistles available as a vps account holder.

When logging in to cpanel as a normal web account/user I see "Last login from: None Recorded" I'm used to seeing a ip address there, and I can't seem to get it to log a ip. Is there something I am missing in whm or something to enable this?

I had support install or setup APF firewall for me. How do I or what should I do to ensure that it's up and running properly? I have no idea how to check the satus or change anything in it?

Then regarding ddos attacts. I'm sort of used to the shared hosting environment where my provider would handle this thing for me. Say the server gets ddos'd or something, am I gonna get zapped with a big over my bandwidth charge? or are things like this monitored and handled by knownhost? I can't be logged in 24-7 personally to monitor things.

Thanks in advance for any input, tips, or suggestions. Remember I am fairly new to the whole vps thing so simple terms would help.

I've only had this account for a few days, but I must say so far I am highly impressed with the speed my pages seem to load at now.
Hello gamutopia and welcome to KH :)

The IP question I have no answer for but I wouldn't worry too much as with the constant updates CPanel does I am sure you will find it working at some point.

As far as APF status goes here is a link to the APF readme. In there you should find the answers you seek.
Thanks for the link and info. I'll do some reading up on it. Just ssh is all new to me so don't want to mess things up.

Just remember that google is your friend. If you're having trouble then someone else most likely has too heh

And you can always come to the forum here of course! :D