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    i am very new to vps. i have a managed vps account and i want to learn more.

    basically, should i be doing backups? or any other type of maintenance? i came from shared reseller account and i didn't have to think about anything. i want to be prepared in case something major happens.

    also, where can i learn more on how everything works? like what does what on root access to whm? is there anything i need to know first as a foundation?

    i want to be more hands on, but i am going around in circles searching Google for things that i don't know what i am looking for.

    thanks for the advice
  2. Dan

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    Hello Rfguru and welcome to KH :)

    If you want to know what something does in WHM then there is always the cPanel documentation. Otherwise most of the time when I need to know how to do something I will Google it as well. cPanel also has forums which I have found helpful a number of times.

    On backups KH, last I knew, takes a backup every other day. You do not have access to the backup files themselves but you can send in a ticket if you need something to be restored. There is of course cPanel backup too which you can use but it will store files on your VPS which if you are backing up large websites will eat space up very quickly, just something to be conscious of.

    Maintenancewise it should take care of itself fairly well. You might want to consider a firewall like Configserver firewall. KH would be happy to install it for you but if you want to attempt it yourself it should not be too difficult, there is a walk through on their site and of course on Google you will probably find dozens.

    And of course if you ever run into a problem or have any questions just drop us a line here :)
  3. amy66

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    Thanks I was looking for a good firewall will give configserver a try.
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