New to VPS...a couple of questions


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Well, I signed up for my account a couple of days ago and so far I love Knownhost. I'm new to VPS so a lot of this seems overwhelming at the moment, but I'm slowly figuring things out. I do however have some basic questions that I hope someone can help me with.

How do I install phpsuexec?

Also, when trying to set up SpamAssassin it says: "SpamAssassin is not configured for rewrites"

I would like to configure it for rewrites so that mail can be delivered but have ***SPAM*** added to the subject line so it can be filtered into a spam folder. How do I configure SpamAssassin for rewrites?

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Figured out the SpamAssassin problem: Apparently CPanel 11 works a little differently than the older CPanels.

Got this info from:

Spam filtering is now done at SMTP time as an ACL, This prohibits subject rewrites from working. If rewrites are needed or wanted; then, you can enable the old spamassassin system within the Exim Configuration Editor option Use the old transport based spamassassin system instead of the new acl style one.

Not exactly the answer I was hoping for...