New to Knownhost's DirectAdmin, where do I start?

JJ Thomas

New Member
I just purchased a unmanaged VPS with DirectAdmin. I cannot figure out where, or how to get started.

I cannot seem to get connected by DirectAdmin via http://IPaddress:2222, neither via https. I went through the DirectAdmin files, logs but I do not see where the password was set. I went though the DirectAdmin wbsite and they suggest that I run the setup script. When I run /usr/local/directadmin/scripts/ it compains that "DirectAdmin already exists."

My question is: I have brand new unmanaged DirectadminVPS server, what are my next steps?


PS I have been a RedHat user for years, I'm not affraid of the command line.
Exact same problem here. Also found the self signed cert was not installed per the KB on that topic.

I suspect Direct Admin has not been installed.

Unfortunately the answer from support is that this is an unmanaged server. Which I find an odd answer when this is simply a question about a product I paid for. I realize I'm on my own after the product components are provisioned. Not impressed so far.


Was looking at this as an addition to LiquidWeb and GCP servers I currently use.
The welcome email from KnownHost is incorrect for unmanaged VPS customers (maybe others too). It states DirectAdmin is installed and how to access it. They do not install DirectAdmin for you. You have to do it yourself. At least in my case, I also had to install the self signed cert for apache which KH help says they will install for you too. Feels like there is some work to polish the welcome experience for new customers.

See this KB article:

The product is licensed by IP and appears to be auto licensed when installed on a KH unmanaged VPS.