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Water and Woods

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For the past decade I was on a private server working with a partner as a designer while he managed the technical side of the server. No major complaints up until recently as the tech guy changed occupations. With nobody at the helm for support I began researching options and found myself here.

I was like some others and not too keen on working with a host that didn't provide phone support. But after reading the forums and having the 30 day option to change my mind I figured why not give it a shot and I purchased the VPS2 to get started.

KnownHost moved 14 sites over from my old server with no problem. Mostly Wordpress sites, some basic html, and a forum. We had some errors appear on the forums and within an hour of creating the support ticket the issue was resolved.

For me, have nearly zero knowledge of the tech side and realizing I had a team working for me has given me peace of mind. And if you're reading this trying to make a decision and have concerns about the lack of phone support I can certainly relate. But it won't deter me from recommending KnownHost to my fellow professionals.

Many thanks to KnownHost for the smooth transition and great support.
@Water and Woods thanks for letting us know about your experience and welcome to KnownHost :)

We try to convince folks that they don't need phone support. Very few people after having used our support still even care about phone support. BTW, we do have a nifty live support response tracker at in the left column.