New system test -- mail


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I'm a total newbie with VPS.

I'm doing a manual migration from my old web hosting service to my VPS. (My old service uses DirectAdmin.)

I assume that when I go to my domain registrar and point the name servers at my new VPS, this will also direct my emails there, also. I want to minimize the risk of having emails bounce because my server isn't set up correctly.

I want to test my new installation as thoroughly as possible before I point my domain name to it. I see what I need to test my web site, but I don't see a means for testing my mail server thru Plesk. Furthermore I don't see where the mail files are.

I'd appreciate help in testing my VPS mail server to confirm that it will work.
While I'm still interested in a response, I'm going to file a support ticket. I'll post my answer here.