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Several months ago a good friend of mine approached me with an idea about a new type of social media website. Users answer questions anonymously about each other, the questions are compiled, and an overall score is given as an attribute based on those answers. Users get to find out how their family, friends, and coworkers truly view them without any conflicts or ill will.

Throughout the development we’ve been surprised with similar apps being released, but none that I’ve seen do what ours does. I invite you to join as we continue to develop this new app and provide me with any (negative or positive) feedback that you wish to provide. We are still in the infancy stage and have some challenges we need to overcome but I hope everyone can find some value in what we are trying to accomplish.


Not a social person. I prefer stalker ;) jp
Looks good. I didn't sign up.
  • Wouldn't someone get really depressed if they got a crappy overall score from 'judges' knowing about ones posting of unpopular views on issues, tasteless jokes or just hate? On FB the good looking person gets a lot of likes/comments organic because it is what it is. Same with someone who is funny to a broad footprint.Usually they know their popularity.
  • Is it just for root friends/family or import FB, G, InGram?
Maybe I'm hating on socials too much but every time I check in on FB pages (and check to see if Julie broke up with that looser Bob yet) my wall is full of "look at me". Thankfully I'm good lookin in a Bruce Jenner kinda way.
I say you want it get it!
Thanks for the feedback Brace.
  • We've designed the site to remove the negative and useless things common social media sites have, especially bullying. We focus on users discovering the image they portray to their friends, family, coworkers, etc.. While users may believe themselves to be funny or charming, what their friends truly see may be completely different. This tool will allow people to see what they need to do socially to achieve the image they desire. Instead of users posting party photos and ranting about useless information that they later discover caused them to loose that dream job they applied for, users can identify and share how they are viewed by others now and make changes accordingly if they choose. We try to use mainly positive sounding attributes to let people know how they're viewed, for example we'll say someone is "Agreeable" rather than telling them that they're a "Follower", or "Relaxed" rather than "Lazy", but the information we provide on these attributes are the same just less negative sounding in an effort to not upset anyone.
  • Users can signup and manually add connections or preferably if they sign up using Facebook any friends that have already joined imageMe will be added automatically.
I'm right there with you, some people certainly over post useless information, but you can tell that to your friends anonymously using imageMe ;)

Thanks again!