i agree it def looks real nice. would have two suggestions on it tho:

1) center the entire site on the page. for users like myself with large monitors, it would look nicer if hte page was centered rather then left justified. its a good width and the text looks great on it just needs to be centered i think in to look great on any size monitor / resolution.

2) make the forum format more standardized. keep the standard table layout that everyone is used to with forums.

thats just my looks great!
We were going to do it center aligned but decided to do it left positioned instead. What resolution do you use on your monitor?

24" monitor -- 1900x1200

center i think is nicer because regardless of what resolution or how wide the user has their browser set it will always look good assuming their resolution is as least as wide as the page width which i think it will be because i checked the site out on my mothers 12" iBook and it looks fine.
I've got a few things to say.

First off, the site looks great. Better than the former one (though it was clean and effective, too). Secondly, with the organization of things (maybe its the colors), your site seems so much more...complete. And thirdly, I love staring at that logo. ;) But thats just me.

One small thing to mention... is browser compatibility. Specifically, your menu operates a bit differently in IE and Firefox in terms of how it appears. In IE, hovering on a side menu option fills the box accurately (at least, what I assume is your intended effect). In Firefox, only the area behind the words gets highlighted (not the full box) and the vertical offset seems...well, a bit off. Its not a big issue in Firefox, but its a noticable difference. :)

And yes, I can be a pain when it comes to websites ;)
I like it, I believe that it's better then the previous one, but I was hoping for something better design wise. In my opinion to many gradients have been used, especially on the index. A lot of the more, known hosts, have more modern designs and I believe that that attracts customers. To be honest, the only reason I gave KnownHost a second look was because of all of the good reviews on Web Hosting Talk, and I'm glad I did but I know that I'm in the minority.
We don't want to be like others. We did this 100% inhouse and want to have our own look. I think most hosts out there use the same colors, same style and personally I don't like them. Compare us to some of our competitors such as Powervps, Solarvps, Dehe, Tektonic etc, etc. You can't try to tell me they have better sites then KnownHost. Some may be better out there but you can't judge a book by its cover. Please elaborate so I understand who you are comparing us to. Sure, we could go somewhere to have it designed but we chose the custom look that's nothing like anyone out there. The other option is to take a bunch of templates as many do an put them together and come up with something somewhat their own. Again, not our style. I look forward to your reply.

Most good designs are unique, but just because a design is unique it doesn't mean that it's good. You're right though, I'm new to VPS hosting and the websites that you listed do have horrid designs, I was comparing KnownHost's design to companies that focus primarily on shared hosting. A few that had crossed my mind:

A Small Orange
Media Temple

A Small Orange's VPS services are poor, Media Temple rediculously oversells their shared hosting at 1.5 TB of bandwidth for $14.95 a month, and Site5 is just an overall poor provider. However, people are awaiting more VPS openings at A Small Orange, people are still buying share hosting from Media Temple, and Site5 is still in business.

Customers are attracted to aesthetically appealing designs, if you want to be unique continue to offer the services you do with a design that stands out.
Mediatemple is a good company hands down. Their design is slick for sure. A Small Orange I do not like as I dislike that type of website. Regarding sales still coming in I think KH is doing quite well. Hint Hint. Site5 I would rather not comment on.

I do feel our site stands out for what we provide. If you have ideas for us let us know. We always listen. As we move into the future we will have site changes but I do like the one we have currently. I would choose it over A Small Orange anyday. Thanks.

I don't have exact numbers by me but as you know we focus on VPS's. We have just under 20 Virtuozzo servers and put somewhere between 12-25 VPS's per server. Several things factor into the total number on each specific server. This is in just a little over 4 months.

How does a hosting company afford to deploy so many machines rapidly with so much software and "goodness"? I mean, Virtuozzo costs an arm and a leg per server, plus the reseller licensing costs for 3 different control panels...just curious.

Lots of experience and a "real" understanding of the industry. We aren't new to hosting and have quite talented tech's as I am sure you can tell. We are managing our growth well and have financial backing to allow such growth.

I must say, I have been extremely pleased with your company. This new website, is very much more "proffesional" and "pretty"(Lack of better terms). The only 2 things I would recommend (HIGHLY) is a little more information for those of us who are completely new to the VPS.