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Discussion in 'Linux VPS/Dedicated - General' started by ppc, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. ppc

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    I just saw that you are now offering two data centers to choose from with the California data center having double bandwith...

    First, I see that the VPS's have been upgraded with more burst RAM, has that RAM been applied to all existing customers? I'm guessing that means you have added more RAM to the servers to accomodate this? :)

    Is it possible that I being on a VPS XL-vz05, could move to the California Data Center?

    If so, how long would it take to migrate?

    and, what are the benefits of moving to the California Data Center.......Are they more reliable than Colo4dallas, cause I see also you use the term PREMIUM bandwith in Colo4dallas and double bandwith in California...

  2. KH-Joel

    KH-Joel KH Sales Staff Member


    We haven't added more RAM to any plans. It is the same it always has been. If you see something in error let us know but that should be the exact same.

    Regarding the new CA DC, that is just a new option we have which is Verio and Cogent Bandwidth so not "premium" but we still are impressed. So to the customer more BW but not as quality. If you want to migrate email our support department and they will discuss this with you.

  3. ppc

    ppc Moderator

    On market post towers connectivity page:

    it says that one of their "Providers that are present in the building" is internap and level 3 among many others....

    to clarify, are you saying than the backbone providers that go to your servers in the california data center are just verio and cogent?

  4. KH-Joel

    KH-Joel KH Sales Staff Member

    The building we are in have those options but we would need to have that setup and go direct to the actual BW provider. Cogent and Verio are the two BW options in California as we are not planning to have Texas VPS's with premium bandwidth and the same as in California. We did it this way for a reason to differentiate the two offerings.


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