New KH VPS Report


I’m definitely a certified newbie with KH VPS but I want to tell any of you sitting on the fence to make the move. I flipped between Reseller Shared Providers for several years. Some were bad from the start. Some were good initially but then fell from grace after the honeymoon. Feeling the heat from my customers and tired of having to make excuses, I decided to give VPS a try. I did my research and ended up with KH based on all the glowing reports I found. The best move I ever made. The service is better then anything I have ever had and the Support team is fantastic. I chose to migrate my own since I was coming from PLESK and wanted to go to cPanel/WHM. It was initially made clear that KH would take care of movements between like control panels but if they differed then the responsibility was on the customer. I had no trouble with 19 out of 20 and then hit a brick wall. Even with it made CLEAR that this was indeed my responsibility, several Support personnel jumped in to rescue me and did so in record time. They even handled several chores they suggested that I didn’t even ask for like installing my SSL Certificate. I just can’t say enough good things about the Support Department and their people. A real class act that gets the job done in just a few minutes vs hours or days when I was with my old Reseller Shared Providers. All this and it’s costing me about $10 more per month. For the service and support that’s the cheapest value I have ever spent money for. Thanks KH ! ! !
Hi, and welcome to Knownhost!

You're absolutely going to love it here. I can assure you that the service and quality you're experiencing now is not going to be short-lived, as is the case elsewhere. In all of 2009, I submitted 4 requests to KH. One was support-related (regarding a very minor Parallels issue) and the other 3 were all billing related, to get an advanced invoice, upgrade my plan, etc. An entire year with 1 support request! Haven't had any problems at all.

Welcome aboard!
It was the across the board praise for the quality of service and customer service that brought me to KH. I was with my previous shared reseller hosting for 5 years and stayed on while their service and customer support declined. I stayed longer then I probably should have but resisted leaving in hopes they would turn things around when I started voicing my discontent as a loyal customer. They would do good for a couple weeks then the down service and slow support would start again. Since I was paying annually I decided it was time to cut the cord. It is reassuring to hear testimonials that KH will continue their high quality service and the fantastic support after the 30 day honeymoon is over. With the hosting environment so competitive it is vital that hosting companies such as KH know and realize that brand loyalty is directly proportional to service and support offered. The upside to this is that a happy customer in this game will not bounce around once they land with a company that realizes what they have to do to keep their customer base happy. It appears KH has wise people at the helm that realize this and hold their service and personnel to a higher standard. Good for you KH. Now stay the course and I’m here for the long haul.
I've been very pleased with my hosting here. I've had accounts with KnownHost for a couple years and I've had no issues. I am very glad I came here, as well!

And as was stated earlier, welcome to KnownHost WRMercier!