New KH user questions about SSH Keys/Port and Hostname.

Discussion in 'Linux VPS/Dedicated - cPanel' started by Ticiba, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. Ticiba

    Ticiba New Member

    Hello everybody,

    I've only been a customer of KH VPS VS4 Plan for a couple of days and wanted to check out a couple of things, these are only minor things so didn't want to submit a ticket to support for such minor questions.

    The first question is about the use of SSH Keys, I noticed an older topic (2008 time) on the forum that said KH prefers users not to use SSH Keys and to keep passwords enabled.

    I actually prefer using SSH Keys to log in and have enabled SSH Password Authorization Tweak in WHM, is it now recommended by KH to use SSH Keys and if it is when contacting support for issues that may require them to log in via SSH should I include/send them the key too?

    The second question is about the default SSH port that KH setups during the initail setup of the VPS server, I've gotten into the habit of changing the SSH port on a regular basis and can see that on the support ticket there is an area for entering the port number,
    So I am assuming that its ok to change the SSH port, Am I correct on this?

    The third and last question is about changing the hostname of my VPS server, with previous hosts I always got told to submit a ticket to request it to be changed yet under WHM Networking Options there is the option to change the hostname myself, can I use this or as with previous hosts do I contact support to change the hostname?

    Thanks in advance for any information on the above questions, just didn't want to bother the KH support team with such minor non-urgent questions and allow them time to spend resolving much more important issues.

    Kind Regards
  2. basi

    basi New Member

    [FONT=&quot]Hi Tom, it has been long time since you posted your questions over here. Did you get the answers for these questions from anywhere else? I am also eager to know the answers for them. If you are aware of the answers, please post it over here. Thanks in advance.[/FONT]
  3. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    Hello Ticiba,

    Guess that I completely missed your post, I apologize for that.

    I use SSH keys on my VPS but I also keep passwords enabled for KH to use. You would have to contact them directly to see if you could disable passwords and send them the key but my guess is that they will want you to leave passwords enabled.

    I don't see why this would be a problem since you give the port number when submitting a ticket to support anyways.

    Yes you can use WHM to change your hostname, I have done so before.

    Hope that helps even though it's so late :)
  4. Ticiba

    Ticiba New Member

    Hi Dan,
    I haven't been on here in a couple of months myself, so no need to apologize for missing my questions.
    I completely forgot I posted these questions on here, I had to contact support for another issue so did end up asking them and they replied with the same answers as you but changed my hostname for me...which was very nice of KnownHost :).

    Thanks for the answers anyway

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