New client’s questions


New Member
Hello! I have some questions about your managed VPS-2 package.

1. Currently I have VPS in another company with 10TB bandwidth included. Your VPS-2 package has only 3TB of bandwidth. Is it possible to make a custom package with more bandwidth included?

2. Can you help me to move my websites from my current hosting company to you?

Thank you in advance.
Hi Max, Thanks for considering us.

At this time we don't necessarily do custom packages, but it is possible to add more bandwidth to our vps packages. We've also done a lot of research and honestly very very few servers and sites come close to ever consuming all of their bandwidth. Do you have any current usage statistics showing what you currently consume?

In regards to the migration, we absolutely can. We offer free migrations from any cPanel, Plesk or DirectAdmin server to our cPanel servers.
If your current host uses a non-supported panel we can still help move you but it would be billed under our professional services team.

Any more questions please do let us know!
Thank you very much for your reply.

Already ordered VPS-2 package, hope that support team will help me to migrate from my old vps provider to you.