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I just opened my knownhost VPS account today with plesk. Im a little confused as to how to confused on how to config the DNS settings.

this is what I understand so far, correct me if im wrong.

I login to plesk as admin, go to the DNS settings and do the following:
Add new record
type: NS
leave domain name blank
in name server enter

and hit ok, then repeat with

Im not sure but i feel like i need to create an A type record as well so I can point my domain at the server right?
Add new record
type: A
domain name: ns1
IP: the one given to me in the mail

hit ok, then repeat with ns2 and the other IP given to me.

Then I set the DNS for my domain to and ns2..... with my registrar.

are all these steps correct? please school me if im doing something wrong.
you should have received an e-mail when you set up your account with instructions on what you needed to do as far as DNS is concerned.

I don't remember doing anything with an A record, but that was over a year ago when I first setup my account.

Welcome to Knownhost.
the email said this concerning DNS

You need to create the following name servers at your registrar: using IP <ip> using IP <ip>

Your first steps should be:
1) Create the two name servers at your registrar
2) Point your domain at them

which dosent really make sense to me as the only real thing i can do with my registrar is change DNS servers. How do you create name servers at the registrar? Does it mean change your DNS servers at your registrar?
Did you ever figure this out?

Did you ever figure out how to:

1) Create the two name servers at your registrar
2) Point your domain at them


I'm a new VPS user and running into the same problem... allows me to point domain names to a server address ( & but if you put in the IP addresses to make that domain THE nameservers, it complains and doesn't allow it... I was hoping to hear you found a solution. :confused:


Hello everyone,

You need to create records of the DNS server at your registrar so that it knows the IPs of your DNS servers too.

For Godaddy:
Log into Godaddy
Go to My domain names
Click on the domain name that you want to create the DNS as a part of
Under Host summary click View/Modify Detail
Here you add your DNS (in host name1 put NS1 and then in the boxes for Host IP 1 put the IP# of your first DNS).

Hope that helps!