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Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Questions' started by parity, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. parity

    parity New Member

    I'm seconds away from ordering and I've RTFM'd as much as I can and most of my potential questions have been covered, leaving just one which probably sounds stupid and/or paranoid, but it's my situation...

    Do you list, anywhere, domains you host, or who your customers are?

    (I don't want to be listed anywhere, in any identifiable form. It will take months to recode and upload - archives going back 10 years - and meantimes I don't want any visitors but me. My domain will look dead and unused ... hopefully this won't be a problem?)

    Neurotically yours...
  2. pmcwebs

    pmcwebs Member

    I can't see any way in which KH would list domains they host or who their customers are, that would be a massive breach of privacy and is not something I've had any issues with since I joined all that time ago.

    Are you saying that you personally don't want to be identifiable, or that you don't want to the fact that you have a system with KH to be identifiable?
  3. Jeren

    Jeren Time Lord

    I would assume the only list of domains KH hosts are available to their billing department. Nothing is public about that information, so if you sign up with them, unless you post your URL, I doubt anyone would know that your site even exists.
  4. parity

    parity New Member

    I know I sound like a looney tune... but past experience has been bitter, so I'd rather ask and look like an idiot than have to leave in a hurry.

    Are you saying that you personally don't want to be identifiable, or that you don't want to the fact that you have a system with KH to be identifiable?

    I have a whois privacy lock on the domain, but I have been with hosts in the past who list their customers' names alongside the domains, which I think should be an opt-in not something inflicted. I don't mind being known to be hosted by KH as long as the general public don't know who I am in relation to my domain.

    Note to self: keep taking the pills.
  5. Bryan

    Bryan Very Happy KH VPS User

    ROFL! I'm just curious, because I've never heard of ANY host doing anything like that. But where is this list? They have a list on their website with the domain name and who owns it or something? That sounds absurd. Why would any host possibly do that?
  6. KH-Paul

    KH-Paul CTO Staff Member

    parity, the only place where we have customer's names and sites listed is the Testimonials page but this is not something that is populated automatically and/or list all the accounts/domains we host.
  7. parity

    parity New Member

    KH-Paul - Thank you, that's what I would expect :)

    Bryan - Not every host, in fact, not many, but I managed to pick three in a row at one stage and I have seen it elsewhere occasionally, like they need to demonstrate the "add a link" (so-called) "feature" by automatically adding everyone who signs up with them. It was disastrous for me at the time because I was writing a lot of personal stuff (which I wanted to share with like-minded others) and I had a stalker-type ex. In those days it was extremely difficult/expensive to have a private whois.

    Ah, anyway... I should go soak my head now.

    Thanks :)

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